Designed for running in and pulling memory tools out of a well

Client's datasheet


“LKI-Techno” logging winch is used for running in memory tools, downhole samplers and paraffin scrapers and pulling them out of a well to the depth of up to 7000 m as part of dewaxing operations.
The winch features a clutch (friction disk) which allows you to avoid breaking in case of exceeding a wire tensile strength limit during trip to surface. When at work the clutch discs are smoothly engaged under control by an operator. The clutch also provides a “free run” of the tool under its own weight when the drive is unlocked. To slow down the drum during a free run, a pad-type handbrake is used. Parking brake represents a ratchet mechanism that fixes the run tool string at the required depth. For safe operation and to avoid hitting of the pulled tool against stuffing box, the tool is pulled to surface by means of a manual drive.
Automatic wire spooler with a measuring roller is part of the winch, and allows you to evenly lay wire under tension around the drum.
LKI-Techno is equipped with a mechanical speed counter SO-35 to track the depth of running a tool.
Upon Client’s request a Logging Control System “CKK-Techno 305” for monitoring acquisition of parameters of tripping operations followed by subsequent analysis using a computer or smartphone.


Winch drive options



Parallel slickline operations
A set of removable drums with wire allows you measuring pressure with downhole gauges simultaneously in several wells. Operator runs a tool into a well and wheels the drum out of the logging truck leaving it on a wellsite.

Failure risk reduction
Controlled tool retrieval process reduces the chance of breaking wire (slickline). As an operator can reduce the torque transmitted to the output shaft of the winch using a clutch.

Running in well without starting the winch drive
The clutch (friction disc) in the winch gearbox allows you running tools and scrapers into wells under its own weight. This helps saving diesel of a standalone electric generator on flowing wellstock with no access to the 220V/380V power system.

Accurate depth and speed measurement
High accuracy of measuring depth and speed of the wire movement is achieved due to no wire slipping on the measuring roller.

Technical Specifications

Load capacity (wire not included) min 300 kg
Pulling speed rom 1 m/h to 10 000 m/h
Wire laying/spooling mechanical / automatic
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 800х960х850 mm

Weight of the winch with wire and drum

                           without wire and drum

415 kg

250 kg

Drum diameter and weight, standard / extended Ø 470mm - 45 kg / Ø 570mm - 53 kg
Wire used GOST 7372-79, Ø 1.8 - 2.5 mm
Standard drum capacity / weight 6000m - Ø 1.8mm, 4000m - Ø 2.2mm / 165 kg
Increased drum capacity / weight 7000м - Ø 1.8mm, 5000m - Ø 2.2mm / 203 kg
Climatic category UKhL3 +40...-60°С GOST 15150-69


Mechanical drive up to 10 000 m/h
Gearmotor 2.2 / 4.0 kW, 1 500 rpm up to 2 500 m/h
Gearmotor 2.2 / 4.0 kW, 3 000 rpm up to 5 500 m/h
Electric motor 4.0 kW, 750 rpm up to 10 000 m/h

Winch gearbox with a friction disc
Automatic/mechanical wire spooler
Mechanical speed/revolution counter SO-35
Drums for scraper wire
Gear motor (electric motor)
Controls behind separation wall (as agreed with Client)